Getting Started with Betterview's API

This guide discusses the different Betterview products and the general workflow for setting up an API connection.

PropertyInsight vs. PropertyNow

Betterview offers two major API offerings on this API. PropertyInsights and PropertyNow. Deciding which to use for which implementation is definitely important.

PropertyInsight is an on-demand product that runs machine learning upon a request coming into the API. PropertyInsights has a vast output of data, including Betterview's RSI (Roof Spotlight Index), Peril Vulnerability Scores, and PartnerHub data graphs (third party data).

PropertyNow, on the other hand, is a pre-processed product that returns at database -> response stream speed (< 1s). The data that is returned is not a subset of PropertyInsight but a different set of results that is limited in scope, compared to PropertyInsight.


Start with Authentication

To make a call to the Betterview API, one authenticates using Auth0 to retrieve a 24 hour expiration Bearer Token. Once retrieved, this token will allow use of all of Betterview's APIs until expiration at which point another token needs to be retrieved. To learn more about auth, we have a more in-depth document here.

Place an order

Placing an order to either PropertyInsight or PropertyNow is documented in the API reference section. Both endpoints have examples and full docs on the individual responses.