Integrating with Betterview

Discusses the different integration paths that can be established with Betterview.

Betterview offers a number of different ways to connect. While this site serves as a reference for Betterview's REST API, we also offer core system integrations, an external data warehouse, and secure FTP. Let's briefly discuss these different paths.


This site,, serves as an API reference for Betterview's Property Insight API and Property Now API. Along with documentation, simple to use examples are available. To get started check out our getting started page.

Core System Integrations

Betterview integrates with many of the major core systems like Guidewire, Duck Creek, and Socotra.

External Data Warehouse

Offering connections via direct SQL interaction, one can connect via ETL processes or directly to one's data via Tableau, PowerBI, or Excel.

Secure FTP

Betterview offers a secure FTP solution at The site offers all major secure FTP transports including FTPS and and SSH file transfer.


Let us know what your ImageRight address is and files can be dropped here as well.

Thinking of something else?

Please let us know if there is another integration location you would like to see us work on. We are always looking to improve our connection to our clients and partners!